Hansenauropodidae Remy, 1954

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Etymology: [incomplete]
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Key to genera (provided by Grant Wang)

1 a. Tergite 5 entire, not transversly divided. Trunk without apparent setae, instead bearing irregularly placed cuticular prominences tipped with a club-shaped appendage --> Hansenauropus
b. Tergite 5 subdivided into a protergite and metatergite. Trunk with setae or derivatives thereof, not as described above --> 2

2 (1) a. Trunk with setae expanded and flattened, marginally reticulate. All legs 5 segmented --> Antillauropus
b. Trunk with setae not as above. First and last legs of adults 5 segmented, interposed 6 segmented with tarsus subdivided --> Virginopauropus


Scheller, U. (2008). A reclassification of the Pauropoda (Myriapoda). International Journal of Myriapodology, 1(1): 1-38.