Isopod Hobby

Isopoda, particularly Oniscidea, in North and Central America has received limited attention from researchers. Nevertheless, there exists a sizable community of over 25,000 enthusiasts interested in keeping these species, often as pets or for use as clean-up crews for other animals. On this page, our objective is to address numerous misconceptions circulating within the hobby, provide detailed guidelines on how to optimally care for multiple species. Notably, the hobby has yielded numerous scientific discoveries that are often overlooked by researchers. As such, we aim to highlight the relevance of these findings and demonstrate the value of integrating them into scientific research.  By including scientifically relevant information in the below subpages, we aspire to encourage Isopodologists to explore the hobby and its potential contributions to the scientific study of these understudied arthropods. Our platform will serve as a vital resource for hobbyists, researchers, and anyone interested in the fascinating world of Isopoda. 

Color Morphs 

List of Species in the Hobby