Pauropoda Lubbock, 1867

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Key to families (provided by Grant Wang)
1 a. Body heavily sclerotized, with hard, well pigmented plates covering the entire body and hiding the head and pygidium in a dorsal aspect --> Eurypauropodidae (Eurypauropus)
b. Body variously sclerotized, but never with hard plates hiding the pygidium in a dorsal aspect, usually poorly pigmented --> 2

2 (1) a. Body with marked, distinctly sclerotized plates that often hide the head in a dorsal aspect, dorsoventrally flattened; movements sluggish and creeping when alive --> Brachypauropodidae
b. Body at most very weakly sclerotized, with demarcations between segments often indistinct, cylindrical. Head always distinct in a dorsal aspect; movements fast and erratic when alive --> 3

3 (2) a. Pygidium without anal plate, instead with a pair of elongated cuticular appendages. Sternal antennal branch with two distinct globuli branching from a single basis near the apex --> Polypauropodidae
b. Pygidium with at least one anal plate. Sternal antennal branch with a single distinct globulus near the apex --> 4

4 (3) a. Pygidium with two anal plates, one on the tergum and one on the sternum. Temporal organ with  a well developed finger-like vesicular organ --> Diplopauropodidae  (Diplopauropus)
b. Pygidium with a single anal plate on the sternum, although a shelf like extension of the tergum may be present. Temporal organ very rarely with a vesicular organ  --> 5

5 (4) a.  Setae of body very short and strongly clavate; sternal antennal branch with two very short and strongly clavate setae near the apex --> Amphipauropodidae (Amphipauropus)
b. Setae of body rarely markedly differentiated; sternal antennal branch with a single usually undifferentiated seta near the apex --> Pauropodidae 

Published: Apr 1, 2023