Stenetrioidea Hansen, 1905 

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Suggested Common Name: Coralslaters and allies
Number of subordinate taxa: 87 species in 2 families worldwide, 13 species in a single family in our area.
Etymology: after Stenetrium Haswell, 1881, see that account for more details. Common name after Stenetriidae, see that account for more details.
Taxonomic History: Stenetrioidea Hansen, 1905
Description: Penes elongate, far-seperated. ♂️ pleopod 1 smaller; protopods fused medially; endites seperate. ♂️ pleopod 2 small; exopod small; endopod generally "tucked" behind pleopod 1. ♀️ pleopod 2 fused medially. Pleopod 3 operculate.
Type taxon: Stenetriidae Hansen, 1905
Notes: Stenetrioidea is a predominantely southern hemisphere family with a few genera reaching up into the northern tropics and subtropics. The other family in this superfamily, Pseudojaniridae, is primarily known from the central and western Indopacific, primarily Australasia and eastern Africa.

Subordinate taxa: Stenetriidae


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Published: Jan 1, 2023

Modified: Oct 25, 2023