Unfortunately, no myriapod experts are on the team yet, so no guides can be made at this time. A simple key to the classes of Myriapoda is put here as a placeholder until more data can be obtained.

Update Apr 1, 2023: a family key to Pauropoda is now available

Key to classes
1 a. 2 pairs of legs per segment --> Diplopoda
b. 1 pair of legs per segment --> 2

2 (1) a. First pair of legs modified into toxicognaths ("fangs"); eyes usually present; body usually large or long in length --> Chilopoda
b. First pair of legs unmodified; eyes absent; smaller shorter animals --> 3

3 (2) a. Adults with 14 segments and 12 or 11 sets of legs, last segment with a pair of cerci/spinnerets; antennae simple --> Symphyla
b. Adults with 8-12 visible segments and up to 11 sets of legs, last segment without cerci/spinnerets; antennae branched --> Pauropoda [family key avaliable]


Bugguide. [accessed December 14, 2022]

Published: Jan 1, 2023
Edited: Apr 1, 2023