Guide to Parasites, Viruses, and Predators

Isopods and myriapods are susceptible to a variety of parasitic infections, which can have profound impacts on the health and survival of these arthropods.  A noteworthy example of such parasites is the Nematoda which can infect both isopods and myriapods. These small and slender worms can infiltrate the body cavity and internal organs of their hosts, resulting in a range of deleterious symptoms. These symptoms can include reduced mobility, weight loss, and mortality.  It is imperative to study and understand the impacts of parasitic infections on isopods and myriapods, as these arthropods play crucial ecological roles as decomposers and food sources for other organisms. Therefore, addressing the impact of parasites on these two groups of arthropods is crucial for the conservation of their populations and the maintenance of healthy ecosystems.